• 14Feb
    Written By Lars Haakon Soraas

    Week 25 in the war on cancer. Or, more specifically, in the war against Dyanne's version of EGFR positive lung cancer. Here are the highlights:
    -We learned this week that the application to get Tagrisso (aka AZD9291 aka osimertinib) has been approved. We will get the drug tomorrow and Dyanne will start on it then. Getting this drug on compassionate use was our best case scenario. First of all we are grateful to get it at all, and secondly, getting it on compassionate use means we are free to combine with other types of treatment that may help. If we only got it on a trial, it would have been difficult to do some of the other treatment we are doing and planning.

  • 05Feb
    Written By Lars Haakon Soraas

    Week 24 in the war on cancer is getting to a close. Here are main highlights:
    -Stereotactic radiation of the brain metastasis happened on Wednesday this week (25 Gray in one fraction). A bit of headache and a bit tiredness was all Dyanne noticed from this. We hope this is the permanent farewell to cancer cells in the brain. Picture from the brain frying is attached.
    -The process to get hold of AZD9291 is moving forward. Slowly. I will save my complaints on this for now. Better shared over a beer.

  • 31Jan
    Written By Lars Haakon Soraas

    Week 23 in the war on cancer. Here are the highlights:
    -A process to get hold of AZD9291 (Tagrisso) on compassionate use from Astra Zeneca has started. We hope this will soon result in a positive outcome. We are crossing our fingers.
    -As the timeline of the above process is uncertain, we will (as it looks today) go ahead with stereotactic radiation of the growing lesion in the brain. This will, if all goes to plan, happen this coming Wednesday. Originally it was scheduled on 16th February, which would have been 5 weeks after the growing lesion was discovered.

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