• December 27, 2015
    Written By Dyanne Soraas

    It has been Christmas, and week 18 in the war on cancer has passed. Not too much has happened, but here are some news.
    Dyanne's cough has not completely gone away yet. An x-ray done Monday this week showed an improvement in the lungs in the area where there is suspected pneumonitis. That the cough did not go away quickly despite Dyanne taking methylprednisolone, may indicate the cough is not due to pneumonitis. Which is good news. I have also gotten a cough and it may just be some common kindergarden bacteria or viruses.

  • December 21, 2015
    Written By Dyanne Soraas

    Week 17 in the war on cancer has been a bit of a rollercoaster. Some good news, and some less good news.
    The cough Dyanne developed over last weekend may be pneumonitis roaring its head again. X-ray on Monday did not show any improvement and Niki recommended to put nivolumab on hold, start methylprednisolone (Medrol) again and to also put erlotinib on hold. Pneumonitis is nothing you play around with and better to be on the safe side, or that is the Niki's judgement at least.

  • December 12, 2015
    Written By Dyanne Soraas

    Week 16 in the war on cancer. The war was moved to Germany for this week. Definitely an interesting chapter in this saga.
    On Wednesday we met with a clinic called IOZK in Cologne. They offer a dendritic cell vaccine with Newcastle Disease Virus. It sounds promising, especially if combined with e.g. nivolumab. But also expensive. They wanted €3000 for the initial blood test necessary. And treatment would cost around €30 000. What is the efficacy of this treatment? Hard to say...

  • December 5, 2015
    Written By Dyanne Soraas

    Here is an update after week 15 in the war on cancer (time flies when at war...).
    On Monday we saw our oncologist here in Oslo at Radiumhospitalet. Or, our regular oncologist was on some conference, so we had a substitute. But she was up-to-speed, so that was no problem. Good news: they have looked at the CT scan done earlier in November and don't interpret it as progression. The report Aleris had written, based on the same images, seemed to indicate progression. However, Radiumhospitalet did not think so. Also, the MRI scan of the brain showed that things look stable. Overall: good news!

  • November 28, 2015
    Written By Dyanne Soraas

    Here is a summary of week 14 in the war on cancer.
    Dyanne is phasing out the methylprednisolone, a drug which seems to have an effect not too unlike amphetamine. So she is a bit more tired again. But cough is gone and that is good.
    Our doctors in Barcelona, including the relentless Niki, have assessed the situation and recommed that we stop immunotherapy and erlotinib and switch to a third generation tyrosine kinase inhibitor (AZD9291 or equivalent). The reason is two-fold: (1) the possible pneumonitis makes is potentially dangerous to continue with nivolumab and (2) they do don't see any evidence that nivolumab is working.

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