• 10Apr
    Written By Lars Haakon Soraas

    -Peptide vaccine in Germany is proceeding. It will consist of some short and some long peptides. Production of the short ones started this week. And the long ones should hopefully start this coming week. It seems it will be possible to get the peptides mixed with dendritic cells. Whether we can pull off the intratumoral injection remains to be seen. If we do injection in the arm, it seems pre-conditioning the vaccine site with tetanus/diphtheria toxoid is a good idea.

  • 03Apr
    Written By Lars Haakon Soraas

    Week 32 in the war on cancer has passed.Here are the main highlights:

    -Dyanne has been in good shape pretty much all week. A bit tired every now and then, so she has taken a nap during the day on some days.

    -Blood test done this week was all good.

    -We have decided to work with Dr Jason Sager and his company Sagely Health. They will help identify promising treatments and maybe also help on making decisions and coordinating treatments.

  • 29Mar
    Written By Lars Haakon Soraas

    Week 31 in the war on cancer has passed. The update is a bit delayed as we have been away and in holiday mode high up in the Norwegian mountains (Beitostølen). Not too much to report in terms of cancer and treatment. Here are the main points:
    -Dyanne has been feeling well all week and we have gone skiing several days smile emoticon
    -A blood test has revealed a borderline low zinc level.

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