Week 80: 2 year cancerversary and 6 year anniversary!

Written by Lars Haakon Soraas

Here is a brief update from last week:

  • Dyanne has generally been in good shape, but has had some stomach issues that we believe are a result of the tetrathiomolybdate.
  • This week it is time for CT and MR scans again. We should learn the results next week. Crossing our fingers.

Yesterday it was 2 years since we got the diagnosis. 2 years since our lives were turned upside down by a disease none of us had on our radar. A disease that kills more people than any other type of cancer, yet receives minuscule amounts of research funding. A disease whose patient advocacy organizations are shadows of what they ought to be, both because of death (so few live long enough to become effective advocates) and stigma. In short, a disease you better not get.

Yesterday it was also 6 years since Dyanne and I officially started dating. It has been 6 wonderful and incredible years, filled with joy, laughter and happiness. The last two have certainly been different from what we expected, but they too have been filled with joy, laughter and happiness – even if interspersed with some tears. What more can we ask for? 30 more years please.

Cross country skiing at Beitostølen

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