• October 17, 2015
    Written By Dyanne Soraas

    Week eight in the war on cancer has passed. Relatively calm week, which is good. Below some highlights.
    -CT scan on Tuesday and MR scan on Thursday. We will learn results on Monday next week. Needless to say, we are crossing our fingers, toes, hair, legs and arms...
    -Dyanne has less side effects from ipilimumab. Still some fatigue, but taking into account the medicines she is on, I think it is safe to say she tolerates and handles it very well. Blood values (lymphocytes in particular) have also improved.

  • October 9, 2015
    Written By Dyanne Soraas

    Week seven in the war against cancer. Below are some highlights and pictures.
    Easiest solution to issue of low blood concentration of erlotinib seems to be to take the pills with food, rather than on an empty stomach (which is what the label says you should do). Will probably try this and hope additional side effects are limited.
    We have found a place in Germany that (more or less) can measure the receptors we want to on the tumor cells. Happily Dyanne's tumor cells are already camping at another lab in Germany, so journey will be short.

  • September 25, 2015
    Written By Dyanne Soraas

    Week 5 in the war on cancer:
    -Monday: radiation, 4th of 5 fractions.
    -Tuesday: We went to Kolibri Medical in Stavanger to get nivolumab and also ipilimumab. Aleris in Oslo has bailed out, but Kolibri puts patients interest first. Thank you. Ipilimumab happens to be a funnily expensive compound. Not 10 times or 100 times or a 1000 times more expensive than gold. 3000 times more expensive than gold. Luckily we didn't need that many ounces.

  • September 18, 2015
    Written By Dyanne Soraas

    Week 4 in the war on cancer:
    -Sunday: preparation for the week. We summarize the treatment plan for Dyanne in a one page document. See picture.
    -Monday: meeting with top dogtor in Norwegian lung cancer community. He agreed to take over treatment responsability for Dyanne. But can't/won't help with points 2-4 in treatment plan. First dose of 6Gy x 5 radiation treatment started. We also got results from mutation testing report: we have T790M mutation as well as mutations in PTEN, TP53 and AR genes. And we took over new flat we bought. Almost forgot.

  • September 11, 2015
    Written By Dyanne Soraas

    Week 3 in the war on cancer:
    Monday: Nivolumab injection in Vienna at Dr Ralf Kleef's clinic. Also tried out a bit of "local/regional hyperthermia" that supposedly should work well together with hyperthermia.
    Tuesday: Met with Dr Roger Stupp in Zurich. Dr Stupp is a leading brain cancer specialist and an expert on the novel technology "tumor treating fields". Ruled this out as a possibility for Dyanne's brain met, but might be an option for lesions in lungs.

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