If you would like to help, we suggest making a donation to The Anticancer Fund:


We support The Anticancer Fund because they have a great strategy for how to efficiently bring new, and affordable, treatment to cancer patients. They focus on the investigation of cheap, off-patent, drugs that are already available on the market for other indications and which have promising anti-cancer effect. Pharmaceutical companies do not fund trials with off-patent drugs because they are so cheap and hence offer limited return – even if they turn out to be successful. This is what economists call a “market failure” and The Anticancer Fund’s strategy addresses this failure by providing funding for doing trials with such off-patent drugs.

The Anticancer Fund can therefore give a quick and meaningful progress against the war of cancer. Last but not least, they have also helped us immensely by giving us concrete personalized information about treatment options. Anyone with cancer, or their care-givers, can reach out to them and get free, personalized information about promising treatment options. If you are interested in this, send an email to .