We resist: lung cancer patients please join EGFR Resisters!

Written by Lars Haakon Soraas

Week 130 in the war on cancer has passed and the biggest happening is that a new advocacy group for patients with EGFR mutant lung cancer has launched. More on this below, but first our weekly update:

  • Dyanne was in Germany last week and got a new injection of the personalized peptide vaccine.
  • She has been in pretty good shape. Her stomach is good and the only small issue now is a bit of fatigue.

Then to an exciting new development for patients worldwide with EGFR mutant lung cancer. A new advocacy group focused on EGFR mutant lung cancer has just launched: EGFR Resisters. The vision of the group is to turn EGFR mutant lung cancer into a chronic disease. A disease one can live with, and not die from. The group is open to EGFR mutant lung cancer patients worldwide, and also their caregivers. We know very well one of the founders, 32 year old Allen Lee in Boston. He was diagnosed just a couple of months after Dyanne and we have been in touch ever since. Dyanne and I are, naturally, already members of the EGFR Resisters.

If you or a loved one has EGFR mutant lung cancer, then please join the EGFR Resisters. And please help us spread the word about this advocacy group. The website of the group is here: egfrcancer.org. And they also have a facebook group where patients can ask questions and share their experience: www.facebook.com/groups/EGFRResisters/. If you have EGFR mutant lung cancer, I highly recommend to also join this facebook group.

Together we can cure this disease!

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