Week 1 - Nivolumab in Barcelona and biopsy in the Oslo University Hospital

Written by Dyanne Soraas

First week in the war on cancer:
Monday: PET scan in the morning and then deciding how to implement plan. Flying to Barcelona in afternoon.
Tuesday: First injection of nivolumab (3mg/kg) as well as drawing blood for a “liquid biopsy”. Gracias to Instituto Oncologico Dr. Rosell.
Wednesday: Put in isolation at Oslo University Hospital (MRSA…) and planning logistics of biopsy at same hospital on Thursday.
Thursday: CT guided biopsy at Oslo University Hospital. Live tumor sample sent by courier to lab in Barcelona to try to grow it there. Other tissue to be sent to lab in Cologne for genetic testing.
Friday: Researching whether radiation or cryoablation is better choice for local treatment of growing tumor. Speaking to leading researchers in both fields (Bergen and New York). After work beer: Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.
Thanks to Dad (logistics support), Mom (babysitter), brother Arne (medical consultant) and the most wonderful wife in the world, Dyanne.

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