Week 10 - Good blood tests but worrying scans

Written by Dyanne Soraas

Week 10 in the war on cancer is over. Here are highlights of the week:
-We have run the latest CT scan (see last week’s update), which showed some worrying signs of progression, by a number of doctors. Several have mentioned that the growth may be the immune system responding to the immunotherapy. No one knows for sure, but we are crossing our fingers that these optimists are right.
-We learned that the latest liquid biopsy done in Barcelona (thank you again, Niki!) found no trace of cancer cells with the T790M mutation (which is resistant to erlotinib). Although these tests are a bit uncertain and need to be taken with a grain of salt, this is definitely good news.
-We have consulted an expert on “functional medicine”. Is there a link between Dyanne’s alcohol intolerance, her height and hyperflexibility, the insulin growth factors and cancer? No one knows. Maybe time will show.
Side effect wise, the week has been relatively good, with some fatigue, but otherwise my amazing wife is seriously amazing. Tomorrow we are off to Barcelona for a week of holiday, research and a bit of treatment.
Thank you Natalie, for delicious cookies and humor. And thank you Jøran and Zahira for a wonderful day and experience at Hurum!
Friday beer was two glasses of red wine at Caminito.

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