Week 104: Please join us at demonstration Monday 28th August

Written by Lars Haakon Soraas

Here is a brief update and a call to all our friends and family to join us at the cancer demonstration that takes place in Oslo at 15:45 Monday 28th August. First a brief update:

  • Dyanne is in good shape.
  • On Monday, to celebrate our 5 year anniversary, we went to a spa here in Oslo called The Well. It was amazing. Highly recommended.

That is pretty much all there is to report from the war on cancer this week.

On Monday next week (28th August) there is a cancer demonstration taking place in Oslo. It is organized by an amazing person who is in the same shitty situation as us: the husband of a cancer patient fighting a terrible cancer. His name is Finn Helge Quist and he has already managed to get most political parties to be interested in the cause. For those who did not read my blog post two weeks ago and may wonder what the cause is, it is the following: Norway’s health care system is way too slow in starting to use new life saving medicines that are developed. Mr Quist wants our government to speed up the process and make sure patients don’t die while waiting for Norway’s bureaucrats to give approval to medicines.

We would like to ask all our friends to join this important political demonstration. It is important not only because it affects Dyanne, the wife of Mr Quist and thousands of other cancer patients in Norway. It is also important because it quite likely one day will affect you or someone you love: 1 out of 3 people get cancer. If we can fix this broken system now, it will work when you or someone you care for may need it in the future.

We hope to see all our friends and family at the demonstration. The more people who join, the more likely Dyanne and other patients like her will get the medicines they need to survive. Please join us on Monday 28th at 15:45 at Regjeringskvartalet in Oslo. More information about the demonstration can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/events/437957706597429/?ref=br_rs.

I would like to round off with a quote from the superb documentary How to survive a plague which shows how AIDS patients and activists fought against stigma and ignorance and helped speed up much needed treatments for the disease (I wrote about this awesome film in a previous post). This is the quote:

This government has the resources to deal with the AIDS epidemic and they won’t do it unless we force them.

The same is true for the cancer epidemic today. Norway’s government has the resources to put up a proper fight against AIDS. It has the resources to give dying cancer patients the medicines they need. But they won’t do it unless we force them. They have gotten away with letting cancer patients die for too long. Now we must exercise our democratic right to give them a very clear message: either they fix this NOW, or they are out of office in a couple of week’s time.

Hope to see you all in 8 days’ time.

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