Week 111 & 112: Spanish & Chinese versions of DIY guide available

Written by Lars Haakon Soraas

Here are highlights of the last weeks in the war on lung cancer:

  • Dyanne has had some stomach issues and we were afraid it could be colitis, a not so nice side effect of ipilimumab. Luckily, it seems like the stomach issues are getting better again.
  • Apart from this, Dyanne has been in good shape.

Apart from this, there is not too much to report from the past two weeks. On our “Do It Yourself” (DIY) cancer vaccine project, I can report that we now have a Spanish and Chinese version of the guide we published two weeks ago. They can be found here:

Guía Hágalo Usted Mismo (“HUM”): Cómo preparar y tratarse usted mismo con una vacuna péptida dirigida a la mutación EGFR T790M

如何自制及使用针对 EGFR T790M

Interestingly, I have gotten into trouble on at least two facebook groups dedicated to lung cancer for posting the DIY guide. More or less immediately after posing it, I was kicked out of the groups. Both groups were run by LUNGevity Foundation, a lung cancer organization that claims to be supporting patient empowerment. Obviously, the idea of empowering patients to treat themselves is one step too far. Anyway, life is to short to be part of facebook groups where one disagrees with the moderators. And we have now set up our own facebook group for patients who would like to explore DIY cancer vaccines:


The group is open to everyone interested in exploring cancer vaccines that patients can make and treat themselves with.

The world’s largest lung cancer specific research conference is currently on its way in Yokohama, Japan. The World Conference on Lung Cancer (WCLC) takes places every year and gathers a few thousand researchers all focused on lung cancer. Luckily most of the program can be accessed from their website: wclc2017.iaslc.org. Anyone who is interested in lung cancer can benefit from following this conference in person or online.

Finally, I should also mention that we were in Aarhus, Denmark, this weekend to surprise celebrate Marco who has just turned 40 years old. Naomi joined us to, and we had a blast of a weekend with Marco, Larisa, Andrea, Darko and Diego. Thanks for a great trip where I even got a chance to taste a bit of Westvleteren.

Have a good Sunday night everyone!

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