Week 114: Immunomonitoring results from peptide vaccine

Written by Lars Haakon Soraas

Week 114 in the war on lung cancer is over, and here is a somewhat delayed update:

  • Dyanne has been in pretty good shape, but has had some stomach issues and also a bit of a soar throat.
  • We got the results of immunomonitoring that is being done as part of the personalized peptide vaccine treatment Dyanne is getting in Germany. Even if one should be careful in interpreting the results, they overall seem quite good. There is an immune response against 4 of the peptides that she started vaccinations with in June this year. Some of the old peptides, which previously have triggered an immune response, still seem to be triggering such a response. None of this is proof that the vaccine is working. However, the results could have been worse. And the most important, of course, is that Dyanne is in pretty good shape and that the last scans were good. If this is due to the vaccine, or some other treatment she is receiving is, frankly, not so important to us. As long as something is working, we are happy.

Sadly, we just learned that our friend Amir lost his mother to this terrible disese yesterday. I met Amir, a French-Moroccan, at a couple of conferences in the past year. Amir has dedicated himself to help his mother and he has been a true warrior and advocate for her. He has travelled to conferences, has spoken with the best doctors, read the latest resesarch and applied all his skills and resources to try to overcome this disease. His dedication and deep love for his mother has been evident for those of us who know him. Still, despite his tremendous efforts, his mother died suddenly yesterday. It is tragic and sad. It teaches us that we must both be brave and humble at the same time in this war. The moster we are fighting takes no hostages and it kills without mercy. We must cheerish life every day, because we never know when it may end.

For Amir, my friend, and his mother. May she rest in peace.

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