Week 118: Not the best of news

Written by Lars Haakon Soraas

Week 118 in the war on cancer and a bit has passed. We did not get the best of news today. Here is an update:

  • Dyanne did CT and MR scans last week. Today we got the results.
  • The good news first: The MR scan of the brain was good. All clear.
  • The bad news: There seems to be progression in the lung. There is one lesion in particular that has grown from 8 x 5 mm in September til 13 x 7 mm now. Although they cannot be 100% sure, they believe it is cancer. In addition, there are some lymph nodes that have grown. However, they are less certain if these are cancer.
  • The plan is to do a PET scan, hopefully next week, and then, depending on what is found, likely do stereotactic radiation of the lesion that they believe is cancer.
  • The lesion they believe is cancer is in a location that makes it difficult/impossible to biopsy from. And the hospital here in Oslo (the leading cancer hospital in Norway) does not have any capability to do liquid biopsies. And they don’t work with anyone doing them either. However, we believe that in this war we need to know our enemy, and we are thus determined to do our best to find out more about our new enemy. A blood sample has already been sent for analysis to our friends and heros in Barcelona, and we will also, if deemed appropriate, pursue additional and more extensive testing.
  • We will in the next days and weeks do research and consult with doctors, scientists and, importantly, other expert patients and caregivers, to try to figure out the best way forward.
  • Dyanne has, over the last couple of weeks, had some cough and fatigue and some stomach issues. We do not believe, however, that these are related to the cancer, but rather seasonal infections here in November Norway and maybe side effects from medicines.

If you have sent me an email recently and not gotten a reply, I cannot guarantee any response anytime soon, if ever. Apologies for this.

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