Week 145: MRI scan good, CEA down, exam passed - GOOD WEEK!

Written by Lars Haakon Soraas

Week 145 in the war on lung cancer has passed. It has been a good week! Here are highlights:

  • We got the results on the MR scan of Dyanne’s brain. We had been worried that the scan might show growth of cancer which could then be the cause of Dyanne’s nausea and balance issues. However, the scan did not find any cancer cells. The scan did show, however, that there is a slight increase in edema in the area that has previously been treated with stereotactic radiation and surgery. This may explain the nause and balance issues. Some edema is, however, a lot lot better than cancer.
  • As shared in last week’s post, we have been worried about a rising tumor marker called CEA. The latest blood test shows, however, that CEA is a bit down again. It was 2.9 two weeks ago, and last week it was 2.6. It is too early to pop the champagne, but 2.6 is nevertheless a much better result than 3.6 🙂
  • Dyanne has been in pretty ok shape the last week. Still some nausea and the balance issue still persists. She has eaten well, however, and nausea is controlled by a medication (zofran).

In other news, Dyanne had an exam on Friday and it went well! The course she has taken will allow her to also teach natural sciences at middle school level. Previously she was only qualified to teach maths. If anyone knows anyone looking for highly qualified maths and natural sciences teacher, then please do reach out.

As short is good, and this week has been good, that is all for now. Have a good week everyone!


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