Week 148: Slow progession

Written by Lars Haakon Soraas

Week 148 in the war on lung cancer has passed. Here are the highlights:

  • We met our oncologist here in Oslo this week to review Dyanne’s latest CT scan results. Unfortunately, as suspected the scan showed that cancer is growing. The good news is that the growth is limited to one metastasis in the lung and that the growth does not seem very rapid: the growing lesion was 6 mm in April and is now 7 mm. In January this year it was 4 mm.
  • We have focused on figuring out what to do about this progression. Although we have not concluded yet, we may not make any drastic changes to Dyanne’s treatment. The growth is quite small and limited to only one place. It may make sense to just observe it and then, if it grows further, try to biopsy it and then somehow ablate it (with e.g. radiation or microwave ablation).
  • We may also try to do a liquid biopsy to try to find out what is the resistance mechanism that is driving this growth.
  • Dyanne has generally been in good shape the last week.
  • The endometrial biopsy that was done a couple of weeks back came back negative, meaning there is nothing much to worry about on that front at least.

Yesterday was the longest day of the year and we went sailing with some friends on the Oslo fjord. Attached is a picture of Dyanne at the wheel 🙂

Dyanne sailing

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