week 15 - Stable scans!!

Written by Dyanne Soraas

Here is an update after week 15 in the war on cancer (time flies when at war…).
On Monday we saw our oncologist here in Oslo at Radiumhospitalet. Or, our regular oncologist was on some conference, so we had a substitute. But she was up-to-speed, so that was no problem. Good news: they have looked at the CT scan done earlier in November and don’t interpret it as progression. The report Aleris had written, based on the same images, seemed to indicate progression. However, Radiumhospitalet did not think so. Also, the MRI scan of the brain showed that things look stable. Overall: good news!
Based on this, and some further discussions with Niki et al, we have also decided to restart nivolumab (immunotherapy). Dyanne will get the next injection in Barcelona in a week and a half. Hopefully this will not trigger any pneumonitis.
Dyanne has stopped methylprednisolone (the amfetamine like drug…) and is feeling in general in very good shape.
Off to Germany next week to learn more about personalized peptide vaccines. We are delighted that Niki and Dr Rosell will join us for one of the meetings and look forward to seeing them in Germany smile emoticon
In the background, Arne and Richard Kast are working to develop a personalized cocktail of repurposed drugs for Dyanne. We are eagerly anticipating what they will come up with wink emoticon
Friday beer was Brooklyn Scorcher IPA together with Arve and Paulina and their kids. Thanks for some good and real tacos!
And thanks to my amazing wife for being the best mother and partner, both in good and challenging times.

week 15

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