Week 165: lung biopsy

Written by Lars Haakon Soraas

Week 165 in the war on lung cancer has passed. Here are the highlights:

  • Dyanne did a biopsy from a lesion in the lung. The biopsy went well and there were no complications. To our surprise, the hospital had decided to biopsy a different lesion than the one we thought they would do. We only found out by coincidence and were, frankly, not too happy that they did not inform and discuss this with us properly before doing it. Shared decision making is, I guess, still just a buzz-word for the future. We should get to know the first results of the biopsy this coming week, with further results coming in later.
  • Dyanne also got an infusion of ipilimumab, an immunotherapy drug.
  • We met our oncologist here in Oslo on Friday. The plan was primarily to discuss the results from the latest CT scan. The scan report was not ready yet, however, so we will only find out more details on the status of the disease in the lung this coming Friday.
  • CEA, a tumor marker, continues to climb. Attached is a chart showing its development. We are hoping that the latest increase may be caused by dying tumor cells rather than multiplying ones. But the trend obviously does cause concern.

One of the world’s largest cancer conferences, ESMO, is currently ongoing in Munich, Germany. The conference covers all kinds of cancers and gathers researchers and oncologists from across the world. Although there will be a lot of hype and positive messages emerging from the meeting, to me it unfortunately does not seem like there is much progress when it comes to EGFR mutant lung cancer. I hope there are things I am overlooking.

Hope everyone has had a good weekend.

CEA and treatments

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