Week 17 - Pneumonitis again? No circulating tumour cells! Yay!!!

Written by Dyanne Soraas

Week 17 in the war on cancer has been a bit of a rollercoaster. Some good news, and some less good news.
The cough Dyanne developed over last weekend may be pneumonitis roaring its head again. X-ray on Monday did not show any improvement and Niki recommended to put nivolumab on hold, start methylprednisolone (Medrol) again and to also put erlotinib on hold. Pneumonitis is nothing you play around with and better to be on the safe side, or that is the Niki’s judgement at least. We then discussed this with our oncologist in Oslo and he did not think it was pneumonitis and saw no reason to do anything. We were then in a bit of a bind on what to do…
So what did we do? We trusted Niki. Nivolumab is still on hold. Dyanne started Medrol again and she stopped erlotinib. After three days, Niki agreed erlotinib could be restarted again. A new x-ray tomorrow will maybe give us some news on how things are developing.
The better news came on Friday from Professor Hans Bojar. He has performed two tests on a blood sample from Dyanne (from when we met him last week in Germany). Both tests looked for evidence of cancer. The first test, which is not very sensitive, found no circulating tumor cells (hooray!). The second test, which is more sensitive, found some sign of cancer, but at very low levels. These results seem to align with another tumor marker we follow (CEA). So overall, we take this as good news.
In other news, we have moved into our new apartment. So lot of time has been spent on moving and getting things out of boxes and in order.
Thanks to grandparents for great help with moving and babysitting Naomi. Thanks also to Sverre for helping out and thanks to Javeria for great dhal (had a dhal party tonight). And thanks to Hans for good Friday beer, which for me was Jacobsen Red Christmas Ale.

week 17

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