Week 18 - Merry Christmas!

Written by Dyanne Soraas

It has been Christmas, and week 18 in the war on cancer has passed. Not too much has happened, but here are some news.
Dyanne’s cough has not completely gone away yet. An x-ray done Monday this week showed an improvement in the lungs in the area where there is suspected pneumonitis. That the cough did not go away quickly despite Dyanne taking methylprednisolone, may indicate the cough is not due to pneumonitis. Which is good news. I have also gotten a cough and it may just be some common kindergarden bacteria or viruses. We don’t know for sure. A “nose test” Dyanne did revealed some bacteria at least that may be the cause of the cough.
An article that came out a couple of weeks ago seems to confirm what we have suspected some time already: those getting lung cancer at a young age (younger than 40 years old), seems to have a more aggressive type of cancer that is associated with shorter survival. We have suspected this as Dyanne got only 5 months progress free survival on Tarceva (erlotinib), and Allen (29 year old patient we know with same diagnosis as Dyanne) also got less progress free survival than the median. And there is a small Taiwanese study that found similar results. The new article, published recently in JAMA Oncology, has a much bigger dataset and finds the similar results. Will this change anything? Probably not. I believe this, all other things being equal, would warrant more aggressive treatment than “normal”. But we are already doing that, so don’t think this will change anything by itself.
We have spent a few days at my parent’s place to celebrate Christmas. Good food and company and some relaxing days. Big thanks to Anne Berit and Knut for helping a lot with Naomi and for organizing a great Christmas smile emoticon
Merry Christmas to everyone!
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