week 20 - Who needs a margarita cocktail? Beginning of the drug cocktail

Written by Lars Haakon Soraas

Week 20 in the war on cancer has passed. Here are the highlights:
Dyanne is still coughing a bit and has a sore mout and has been a bit tired. She is maybe getting a bit better, but still not completely well.
We went for a regular check-up (every 6 months) of the ovarian cysts she has. The gynecologist at the Oslo University Hospital did not seem concerned. He believes they are not cancerous and no need to do anything. However, we asked him what he would think about anti-estrogen and anti-progesterone treatment and his response was that… “well, if you are considering this, maybe a better option might be to just do surgery and remove the last ovary and the cysts”. It would, naturally, be an irreversible procedure (unlike e.g. anti-estrogen drugs), but maybe it would be more effective in stopping estrogen and progesterone. We will discuss with our hormone experts and will also see an endocrinologist this coming week to discuss.
After weeks of back and forth, we (read: Dyanne) has started SEG-CUSP that has been specially designed for Dyanne by brother Arne, with significant input from Kast Richard E, Niki and Dr Rosell. SEG-CUSP stands for Side-Effect Guided Coordinated Undermining of Survival Paths. In short, the concept (which I believe I have also described in previous posts) is to use a cocktail of “old” medicines that each have some evidence to suggest can have an anti-cancer effect. The hope is that the sum of these drugs will overwhelm the cancer cells and stop their growth. The new drugs will be added on top of the other drugs she is taking.
The first three drugs, which she started today are: warfaring, auronafin (which contains gold!) and celecoxib. More drugs may be added in a few days, and maybe some will be removed if side effect are too severe.
In last week’s update, I probably should have included a note on the latest liquid biopsy that Niki has helped us do (just before Christmas, got results on New Years Eve). It found a small amount of the resistance mutation T790M. This has been found before as well, and then it disappeared. That it is coming back may mean we ought to look into switching from erlotinib to a third generation TKI.
This coming week, we will do new CT and MR scans. We are crossing our fingers they give us good news.
Thanks a lot to brother Arne for making a cocktail of drugs tailored for Dyanne. And special thanks to Kast Richard E for coming up with the concept in the first place. And thanks to Niki for so many things smile emoticon
And thanks to the most wonderful woman in the world. The only wife I plan to have – Dyanne.

week 20

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