Week 21 - Progression in the brain, drug cocktail

Written by Lars Haakon Soraas

So… week 21 in the war on cancer. Not the best of weeks unfortunately. Here goes.
MRI scan on Tuesday showed progression in the brain. We are not certain what is the best treatment option for this, but stereotactic radiation seems to be one option. We will await the feedback on this from our oncologist here in Oslo who we will meet on Monday and also what our relentless Niki thinks is the best option.
The results from the CT scan done on Wednesday are not completely clear yet, but from what we understand, they also show not so good news. We should know more on Monday.
Some good news: Dyanne is feeling less tired and sore mouth seems to be gone. Still some coughing.
We have continued to expand the number of drugs that Dyanne is taking under the “SEG-CUSP” protocol. Itraconazole was added on Tuesday and disulfiram was added today. Warfarin has been stopped based on results from MRI scan. The attached picture shows the current cocktail Dyanne is on. Dyanne says: please forgive me if I seem a bit drugged.week 21
We are also looking into endocrine therapy (i.e. anti-hormonal drugs) and we are considering tamoxifen, fulvestrant and maybe even some others. Some of these drugs can have unpleasant side effects, so not an easy decision to make.
We never expected this to be a walk in the park. And it isn’t. That is why we have to run.
Thanks to Arne, Richard Kast, Niki and grandparents (Anne Berit and Knut) for babysitting and more. And thank you, Dyanne. On this ship of life, I would have no other cotraveller than you.


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