Week 218: quiet week

Written by Lars Haakon Soraas

Week 218 in the war on lung cancer has passed. Here are highlights:

  • Dyanne has been in relatively good shape this week. The pain in the left hip has disappeared, most likely due to the radiation she got there.
  • She got another chemo infusion (carboplatin and gemcitabine) on Wednesday. The doses were, as the last time, further reduced to try to avoid causing too low platelets.

One question we wonder about is, naturally, if the latest chemo treatment Dyanne has been receiving is working or not. Is the combination of carboplatin and gemcitabine, given in relatively low doses on a weekly basis, effective against the cancer? We are tracking the two tumor markers CEA and NSE to try to gage this. The latest readings of these markers that we have are from Monday this week. The good news is that CEA has continued to fall. NSE is, however, slightly up. The CEA fall is, furthermore, from a very high peak that we believe must have been due to some transient tumor cell death (probably radiation). So even if CEA is declining, it is still above where it was when Dyanne started the latest chemo regime. NSE, on the contrary, is below the initial level. So far these tumor markers don’t seem to provide us with any conclusive evidence either way. The latest charts are pasted in at the bottom of this post.

We hope everyone has had a nice week and will have a great weekend.


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