Week 23 - Friends visiting and the making of the film

Written by Lars Haakon Soraas

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Week 23 in the war on cancer. Here are the highlights:
-A process to get hold of AZD9291 (Tagrisso) on compassionate use from Astra Zeneca has started. We hope this will soon result in a positive outcome. We are crossing our fingers.
-As the timeline of the above process is uncertain, we will (as it looks today) go ahead with stereotactic radiation of the growing lesion in the brain. This will, if all goes to plan, happen this coming Wednesday. Originally it was scheduled on 16th February, which would have been 5 weeks after the growing lesion was discovered. Needless to say, I was not particularly pleased with Oslo universitetssykehus showing this kind of urgency in their care for my wife. There is something with “oh, we have discovered a deadly tumor growing inside your brain, and we plan to radiate this in 5 weeks” that really makes you feel that this hospital certainly has no goal of saving Dyanne’s life. The good thing is that we know this now, and we have no intentions of sitting still on death row and wait for our turn.
-CUSP: due to side effects, and also upcoming radiation, Dyanne has been a bit careful with the drugs in our drug cocktail this week.
-We hope this coming week to find out if we have sufficient tumor tissue required to make the personalized peptide vaccine in Germany. We cross our fingers the material we have sent is enough.
-We are still considering local ablation of lung lesions in London. If this is to happen, it will probably take place in the end of February or early March.
-We will be in London to meet some doctors on 11th and 12th February, and probably a few days before and/or after this as well. We look forward to staying at Palace Gaurav&Payal and hopefully also meeting other London friends.
-Side effect wise, Dyanne has been in pretty good shape this week. Still a bit tired, but probably a bit less than last week.
Yischai, Natalie and their three and a half year old Leo, visited us here in Oslo this weekend. It was great to see them again, even if it is safe to say that in our previous, child-less, encounters, a bit less time would hvae been spent on the playgrounds of Oslo smile emoticon
Today, our flat was turned into a film studio, as Dyanne, Diego and a couple of others are making a short movie to raise awareness of lung cancer. A picture of Dyanne aiming for an Academy Award is attached.
Thanks a lot to Knut for plotting data, Anne Berit for baby sitting and more, Levent for being a professional director, cameraman and much more for the movie, Niki for answering my 888 questions, even if she was very busy with other things. And thanks to Dyanne for bringing home this family’s first Oscar statuette (within a year or so, I expect)

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