Week 24 - Stereotactic radiation to the brain

Written by Lars Haakon Soraas

week 24Week 24 in the war on cancer is getting to a close. Here are main highlights:
-Stereotactic radiation of the brain metastasis happened on Wednesday this week (25 Gray in one fraction). A bit of headache and a bit tiredness was all Dyanne noticed from this. We hope this is the permanent farewell to cancer cells in the brain. Picture from the brain frying is attached.
-The process to get hold of AZD9291 is moving forward. Slowly. I will save my complaints on this for now. Better shared over a beer.
-We are planning to go for microwave ablation of some of the lesions in Dyanne’s lungs in London on the 23rd February. We are still a bit uncertain if this is a smart thing to do or not, but we had to make a decision in order to reserve the date.
-We will be going to London next week to meet two doctors there: Dr Angus Dalgleish (who is an expert on immunotherapy) and Dr Justin Stebbing who we have been highly recommended. We will only stay two days, so will have limited time to meet people. When we are back around the 23rd Feb, we should have more time.
-Due to the radiation, this week has mostly been drug holiday for Dyanne. Which means it has been quiet on the drug cocktail front.
-Personalised peptide vaccine in Germany: we have been informed that the tissue we have sent should be sufficient, even if not ideal, to perform the genomic sequencing required to make the vaccine. This is good news. We also plan to supplement with additional tissue that (hopefully) will be extracted during the planned ablation in London later this month.
The Chinese world is celebrating Chinese New Year. And so are we. Party on tomorrow.
Thanks to Shruti for digging up a very useful CRISPR contact. Thanks to Kaja, Nataliya and Jøran for organizing dinners for us, it is truly appreciated. Sverre made dinner some time back, but we forgot to thank him. Belated thank you, Sverre. Thanks to Knut for application writing and data plotting. I am sure we have forgotten some, so thanks to you too. And thanks to Dyanne for being mine!

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