WEEK 25 - Tagrisso approved and Gong Xi Fa Cai!!

Written by Lars Haakon Soraas

Week 25 in the war on cancer. Or, more specifically, in the war against Dyanne’s version of EGFR positive lung cancer. Here are the highlights:
-We learned this week that the application to get Tagrisso (aka AZD9291 aka osimertinib) has been approved. We will get the drug tomorrow and Dyanne will start on it then. Getting this drug on compassionate use was our best case scenario. First of all we are grateful to get it at all, and secondly, getting it on compassionate use means we are free to combine with other types of treatment that may help. If we only got it on a trial, it would have been difficult to do some of the other treatment we are doing and planning.
-On Thursday to Saturday we were in London and met a four different doctors there. On Thursday we met Professor Angus Dalgleish who is an expert on immunotherapy. He suggested adding low dose naltrexone (LDN) to the drug mix. On Friday we met with Dr Alice Gillams who is an expert on ablation. She was skeptical of our plan of ablating lung tumors now and suggested to do a PET scan in March and, based on the results, make a decision on ablation then. On Friday we also met Dr Mazibuko of Care Oncology Clinic (whose cocktail drug cocktail Dyanne has been following since last summer). Some minor changes in the cocktail was agreed. Finally, on Friday we also met Professor Justin Stebbing. He did not see any problem with doing local ablation of lung tumors now, and we also discussed hormone therapy, using CRISPR to treat Dyanne’s cancer and some other issues. All in all, four good and interesting meetings. We will now have to discuss with Niki and others to find out what we actually implement.
-Dyanne has been a bit tired this week and she has also had some stomach issues. We believe the stomach issues are due to the pause and then restarting of erlotinib. The reason for the tiredness is a bit more unclear.
Many people to thank this week. Thanks to our oncologist here in Oslo for doing compassionate use application for Tagrisso and thanks to Astra Zeneca and people there for approving it and very good support with the application process. Thanks to Anne Berit and Knut for babysitting Naomi when we were in London. Thanks to Gaurav and Payal for babysitting us when we were in London. Thanks to Radhika for having late night Friday beer with me. I think it was a Kronenburg, but Radhika probably remembers more clearly… And thanks to Raluca and Cristian for a nice afternoon and dinner today. And, finally, even though it was last Saturday, thanks to everyone who helped out with making a great Chinese New Year’s party; in particular Larisa, Diego and Ove&Mariana.
And thanks to Dyanne for being the best wife. Happy wife, happy life, as they say. Gotta keep it that way.

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