WEEK 27 - Going after every cancer cell

Written by Lars Haakon Soraas

Week 27 in the war on cancer. It has been a relatively calm, and good, week.
-Dyanne has, apart from being a bit tired every now and then, been in very good shape. We even went skiing from Sognsvann to Ullevålseter on Friday this week smile emoticon
-We have not been too adventerous with treatment this week. Still getting used to Tagrisso, so want to be a bit careful with other medicines.
-I met a researcher here in Oslo in Norway. Have searched around the world, and turns out one of the most experienced researchers when it comes to peptide vaccines is here in Oslo. Discussed vaccine project we are part of in Germany with him. He was very positive and had some thoughts on how to combine the vaccine with immunotherapy, and maybe also adoptive cell therapy (if we can manage to implement that…).
-Have done some research lately on adoptive cell therapy (ACT). This technique has recenly shown very promising results in leukemia and melanoma. In my view, ACT and cancer vaccines (using the personalized peptide approach we are doing in Germany or whole tumor vaccines) are probably the two most promising treatment approaches out there. And both basically have the potential to cure more or less all types of cancer.
-Our current thinking when it comes to treatment the next few months is that we should use this opportunity now that we are on Tagrisso to go after every cancer cell in Dyanne’s body. In practical terms this means the following: Tagrisso is expected to get rid of a good chunk of cancer cells, but far from all. Maximum cancer cell killing on Tagrisso is expected to be around 1-3 months from she started the pill. In this time period we want to do local ablation to remove any other visible cancer lesions in her body. And then we want to do the vaccine to try to reach all micrometastasis that are hidden and not visible on CT scans. That is the theory, and I hope we will manage to implement this in practice.
Thanks to Larisa&Marco, Javeria&Ishtiaq, Rebecca&Thomas, Raluca&Cristian, Diego, Maria&Sergiu, Catalina&Knut for a very nice dinner and gifts on Friday. Your very kind and thoughtful gesture is much appreciated. Thanks to Anne Berit for babysitting. Thanks to Niki for always being there for us. Thanks to Levent and Tom for moviemaking. And thank you Dyanne, for being a skistar, a moviestar, a motherstar and a wifestar.

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