WEEK 28 - Anniversary and cancerversary

Written by Lars Haakon Soraas

week 28Week 28 in the war on cancer. It has been a rather tough week. But first a note on yesterday, 5th March, which is a special day for two reasons.
First the good reason: Dyanne and I officially started dating on 5th March 2011. We had dated a few times and I invited Dyanne to a party at my friend Asbjørn’s place. Asbjørn and Dyanne, coincidentally, also worked together in McKinsey. And, also coincidentally, Asbjørn had a few months earlier, as part of McKinsey’s corporate social responsibility program, sent a photo to me of this beautiful Asian girl in the office. This girl was, of course, Dyanne. The photo is attached below. The heading of the email was: “Your girl has gotten a new haircut… I think it is time I set you guys up smile emoticon” Despite repeated promises he never did though. A lot of talk and little action with these McKinsey consultants, isn’t it? Anyway, I managed to find her myself after a lot of searching online on sukker.no. Together we went to Asbjørn’s party, and then the deal was zealed..
The less good reason yesterday is a special day: On 5th March one year ago Dyanne was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer. I can safely say that was the worst week of my life.
Then a brief summary of the not so good week:
-We met with our oncologist here in Oslo on Monday. Was just a regular chat and nothing revolutionary came out of it. However, later in the day, Dyanne started feeling not so well. By Monday night she was bedridden with a bit of fever.
-Tuesday-Thursday: Dyanne was bedridden these three days. A lot of vomitting, a bit of fever and a very bad headache. A blood test done on Thursday revealed liver values had shot up since Monday and had become significantly elevated. Our oncologist here in Oslo then ordered a stop of all medicines (yes, including Tagrisso). Dyanne ate and drank very little these days (everything came back up). On Thursday night we went to the emergency room to get a checkup. They said it probably was ok, and we went back home. (Good news: we never have to feel like hypochondriacs at the ER. When you say “she has a headache and is throwing up” you feel they are thinking “here we go again – please go to your GP in the morning…”. But when you throw in “and she has lung cancer”, then they invariably take you seriously.)
-Dyanne started feeling a bit better on Friday, but still headache. After discussing with another oncologist here in Oslo that day, it was decided to do an MRI scan of the head. This was done Friday late afternoon and later that evening we got a call from the doctor saying head looked all good (thank you).
-Dyanne felt even better yesterday, but still a bit of headache in the evening and night, as well as sore in the whole body. Today she is even better, but still a bit tired and a bit of headache now.
So, a pretty tough week. A new blood test will be done tomorrow to check how liver is doing.
Thanks to Anne Berit and Knut for babysitting. Thanks to Niki for always being there for us. And thank you Asbjørn for a great party 5 years ago. And thank you, Dyanne, for 5 amazing years. It has been a hell of a journey so far. And I look forward to the next 50 years with you:)

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