WEEK 29 - In good shape again!

Written by Lars Haakon Soraas

week 29 1Week 29 in the war on cancer. Week 28 was tough. Week 29 has been much better. Here are the highlights:

-We did a blood test on Monday and liver values have come down. Still not within the normal reference ranges, but at least down from the previous measurement.

Dyanne restarted Tagrisso on Tuesday and this has not caused any problmes. This indicates that it was not Tagrisso, at least not on its own, that caused the high liver values. And this is good news.

-Dyanne is in much better shape, pretty much normal actually, and she has been this for most of the week. A bit tired early in the week and still a little bit of headache, but gradually improving throughout the week and now she is in perfectly good shape smile emoticon

-Had a Skype consultation with a surgeon in London on Thursday. He suggested removing the part of Dyanne‘s left lung where the primary lesion is. At the same time, he could remove other lesions they could find. We will have to discuss with Niki and others to see if we think this is a good idea or not.

Some of the areas researched this week include: cancer vaccines from Cuba (CimaVax and racotumomab (aka Vaxira)), Wilms tumor gene 1 (WT1; should we try to include it in the personalized peptide vaccine cocktail?) and the role of estrogen in lung cancer (I have nothing much good to say about this hormone…).

Thanks to Larisa and Marco for a great dinner on Thursday, thanks toSverre for babysitting yesterday and thanks to Dyanne for being my brave wife and partner in this war.

week 29 2 week 29 3

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