week 3 - Nivolumab injection in Vienna and meetings with Norwegian cancer society

Written by Dyanne Soraas

Week 3 in the war on cancer:
Monday: Nivolumab injection in Vienna at Dr Ralf Kleef’s clinic. Also tried out a bit of “local/regional hyperthermia” that supposedly should work well together with hyperthermia.
Tuesday: Met with Dr Roger Stupp in Zurich. Dr Stupp is a leading brain cancer specialist and an expert on the novel technology “tumor treating fields”. Ruled this out as a possibility for Dyanne’s brain met, but might be an option for lesions in lungs.
Wednesday: Meeting with Norwegian Cancer Society to air our frustrations with treatment we are getting as well as the way research is conducted in the field. A lot of our talking points are taken from the documentary Surviving Terminal Cancer. Our brief presentation at the meeting is attached for anyone who might be interested.
Thursday-Friday: trying to live life a bit like normal. Friday beer: @ Grisen pub very shortly.
Thanks to Dad for being super-babysitter. And thanks to Dyanne, the world’s most wonderful wife, and medical refugee, for another week in this journey called life

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