WEEK 30 - Easter holidays in the mountains

Written by Lars Haakon Soraas

week 30 1 Week 30 in the war in cancer. We are on Easter holiday in the mountains here in Norway, so completely forgot update over the weekend. Anyway, here it is.

-Blood test done on Monday last week showed that liver values have come down and all but one of them are within the normal reference ranges (and the remaining one apparently does not matter so much).

Dyanne has been in very good shape this week. A bit tired every now and then, but apart from that in very good shape smile emoticon

-The personalized peptide vaccine being developed in Germany is progressing, but slower than I had hoped. Still seems there will be another 6 weeks or so until we can get started with this.

A short update this week as not too much happened and as we are in the mountains. Thanks to Jøran and Zahira for good dinner on Friday.

week 30 2

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