WEEK 32 - Grandparents in town

Written by Lars Haakon Soraas

week 32Week 32 in the war on cancer has passed.Here are the main highlights:

Dyanne has been in good shape pretty much all week. A bit tired every now and then, so she has taken a nap during the day on some days.

-Blood test done this week was all good.

-We have decided to work with Dr Jason Sager and his company Sagely Health. They will help identify promising treatments and maybe also help on making decisions and coordinating treatments.

-I have done some research on a variation of the personalized peptide vaccine that we will be getting in Germany. The current plan is to inject the peptides with some adjuvants in the arm. However, here is one other way of using the personalized peptides that are made: use them to prime autologous dendritic cells (a type of white blood cells harvested from Dyanne) and then inject the dendritic cells into her arm or, even better, directly into one or several tumors. Have run the idea by a couple of people and all seem positive. The approach is, to some degree, a combination of the DCVax-L and DCVax-Direct treatments currently in trials. The challenge now is to try to get this implemented.

Dyanne’s parents are in town and cook great food and help babysitting Naomi (or maybe “toddler sitting” is a better word). Thanks to them, Dyanneand I got out last night to the surprise party of Lars Halvor. Thanks to Inga-Marita and Maria for organizing a very nice party smile emoticon

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