WEEK 33 - Peptide vaccines in the production

Written by Lars Haakon Soraas

week 33

Week 33 in the war on cancer has passed. Here are the highlights:

Dyanne has had a bit of a cold and has had a running nose and been a bit tired for some days. But apart from that, she has been in very good shape smile emoticon

-An MRI scan of the brain was done on Monday. We should learn results soon. A CT scan will take place this coming week. We will meet our oncologist here in Oslo on the 18th to review the results of both scans.

-Peptide vaccine in Germany is proceeding. It will consist of some short and some long peptides. Production of the short ones started this week. And the long ones should hopefully start this coming week. It seems it will be possible to get the peptides mixed with dendritic cells. Whether we can pull off the intratumoral injection remains to be seen. If we do injection in the arm, it seems pre-conditioning the vaccine site with tetanus/diphtheria toxoid is a good idea.week 33 2

Dyanne’s parents left Oslo to return back to Singapore on Thursday. It has been very good to have them here. Thanks for lots of good food, grocery shopping, babysitting and more. And thanks to Marco and Larisa for a very good dinner on Friday.

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