WEEK 34 - Great scans!!!

Written by Lars Haakon Soraas

week 34

Week 34 in the war on cancer has been a good week! Here are the highlights:

Dyanne did an MRI last week and a CT scan this week. We learned the results of both this week and both scans look good, i.e. showing cancer is shrinking in some places and stable in other places. Furthermore, there are no new lesions either. The weekly blood was also good. The main reason for the shrinkage is (almost certainly) the new medicine Dyanne started in February, Tagrisso (osimertinib/AZD9291).

-The peptide vaccine is proceeding. The short peptides should, hopefully, be nearly finished next week. Production of the long peptides will start this coming week. We also learned that another patient who has gotten a similar vaccine, combined with nivolumab, seems to be responding well to the treatment (meaning cancer is shrinking). The person has metastatic kidney cancer, which is obviously different from lung cancer. Furthermore, the testimony of one person does not prove anything. But it nevertheless makes us hopeful.

-Dyanne has generally been in good shape this week. A bit tired and a bit stomach issues, but apart from that all well smile emoticon

Naomi turned two years this week and we had a nice little celebration with my parents and Naomi’s good-parents Rebecca and Diego. Naomi was a bit ill this week and thanks a lot to Marco for helping to babysit yesterday.

Friday beer was Nøgne Ø Tiger Tripel.

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