Week 36 - 23andme gene testing

Written by Lars Haakon Soraas
The wheels of the bus go round and round..

The wheels of the bus go round and round..

Week 36 in the war on cancer. It has been an interesting week. Some highlights:

-On Monday we got the results of a gene test both Dyanne and I have done with 23andme. The gene test is based on saliva, meaning that the mutations found are in every cell in the body, as opposed to genetic testing done on cancer tissue which finds genetic changes that are specific to some or all cancer cells. Apart from finding out that Dyanne is an “Asian Flusher”, i.e. a person that is turns red when drinking alcohol, we also found out Dyanne’s genes dictate that she has dry earwax and no body odour. On my side, I am the happy owner of two copies of APOE4 which means I have something like 11x the chance of getting Alzheimer. So once we are done with finding a cure for lung cancer, I will be motivated to find a cure for Alzheimers as well. If I remember, that is…

-We have applied to “Utenlandskontoret”, a government entity that you can apply to to get covered costs of medical treatment abroad. We applied to get the cost of the vaccine in Germany paid. Not unexpectedly (they rarely cover experimental treatment), our application was rejected. I was, however, rather p***ed off by the fact that in their rejection letter they wrote that they think the treatment Dyanne is offered in Norway is “adequate”. Really? With this treatment her life expectancy is measured in months, and they have the guts to call this “adequate”? Clearly very ambitious people who run the hospitals of Norway.

-On Friday Dyanne and I went to an Immunotherapy seminar here in Oslo. Immunotherapy is, as most probably have understood by now, all the rage. It was interesting to see that Norway actually has some researchers and companies that are doing interesting things in the area.

-Dyanne har been in very good shape all week. A bit tired every now and then, but not much. She has started taking telmisartan, which (according to Wikipedia) is an “angiotensin II receptor antagonist (angiotensin receptor blocker, ARB) used in the management of hypertension”. We hope it can also work against lung cancer. Dyanne’s drug cocktail is now the following: Tagrisso, zoledronic acid (once every three weeks), metformin, fluvastatin, mebendazole, doxycycline (for a month every second month), celecoxib, auranofin and telmisartan. On top, she is taking the following supplements: iron, calcium, zinc, probiotics, fish oil and vitamin D.

Friday beer was at Mathallen and was Kolonihagen IPA Cascade.

Thanks to my dad (Knut) for plotting data and more, Sverre and Eirin Hordnes for helping Dyanne practice to her exams and Niki for helping us trying to cure Dyanne’s lung cancer and lung cancer in general. And thanks to bus 20 for making Naomi’s day on Saturday.

Say cheese!!!

Say cheese!!!

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