Written by Lars Haakon Soraas

week 37 2Here are the highlights:

Dyanne has been in pretty good shape all week. That is pretty good 🙂

-We have looked into proton therapy a
t a clinic in Germany. In short, proton therapy is a form of radiation therapy, but apparently more precise and less side effects. Seems we will need to do a PET scan in order to figure out whether proton therapy can make sense.

-Vaccine is moving forward in Germany. Hope it will be ready in 3-4 weeks (I have been wrong before…).

-I met with a small Norwegian start-up that is specializing in predicting which cancer mutations are the most suitable to make peptides that can be used in a vaccine. So pretty much the process we have been going through in Germany. I have sent them our data and they will analyse it to see if they come up with the same list of peptides, or a different one.

-Dyanne’s blood is currently en route to Belgrade to be analyzed for EGF1 level. And her blood arrived last week in Frankfurt to be analysed for NY-ESO-1. If EGF1 level is high, then maybe CimaVax may be a good option. And if NY-ESO-1 is high, then maybe off-the-shelf peptides against this antigen can be useful.

Joanna, Daniel and their daughter Claire from Singapore visited us here on Thursday. Weather was beautiful, like it is at least a few days in Oslo every year smile emoticon From Friday to Sunday, we were at our cabin in Sandefjord withIngrid&Erik and their kids, as well as my parents (Knut and Anne Berit). The sun was shining and the water was at least 10 degrees.

I am off three days this week to Mainz in Germany to participate at an immunotherapy conference (http://www.meeting.cimt.eu/). Leaving this afternoon and coming back on Thursday night. Dyanne has an exam on Friday. Volunteers to help Dyanne out a bit in the afternoon (from around 3pm to 7pm) would be much appreciated!week 37 3 week 37 7 week 37 8week 37 5

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