Week 39 - National day, ASCO and a birthday

Written by Lars Haakon Soraas

week 39 1Week 39 in the war on cancer. Here are the highlights:

-Dyanne has been in very good shape. And Norway (and we) have celebrated the national day (17th of May).

-Dyanne has started telmisartan, an angiotensin II receptor antagonist. A common drug used for hypertension. Only a few days after she started, an abstract from the upcoming ASCO conference, was published that indicates telmisartan may not be so good after all… We will now have to decide whether to continue with it or not.

-Speaking of ASCO: ASCO is the American Society of Clinical Oncology. Their annual meeting, happening in May/June every year in Chicago, is the largest gathering of cancer researchers in the world. Basically a lot of cancer researchers sharing abstracts, presentations and discussing how to cure cancer. All abstracts, I don’t know how many thousand, are relased on their website and this is, naturally, a giant treasure trove for anyone fighting cancer. All this was released this week and, if you want to help me find the needle in the haystack, here they are: http://abstract.asco.org/176/CatView_176_S.html.

-Speaking of technology optimists: there was some good and promising news for brain cancer patients coming out of Duke University this week. A reengineered form of the polio virus, PVS-RIPO, injected directly into brain tumors, seems to be able to cure at least some brain cancer patients. More details here: http://www.cbsnews.com/…/60-minutes-fda-breakthrough-statu…/. If anyone knows anyone with brain cancer, I would recommend trying to get this treatment at Duke.

We have booked a trip to Mallorca and will spend ten days there from 28th May. Dyanne’s parents are also joining us there. When we get back, I hope the vaccine in Germany will be ready (crossing fingers…).

It happens to be my birthday today and my wonderful wife gave me a Bose headset with noise cancellation. “Now,” she said, “you don’t have to pretend you don’t hear me anymore.” It hope it is obvious for everyone why I am an incurable technology optimist 😉

Thanks for all the kind birthday messages. For anyone in town, please join me for a couple of birthday beers at Grisen (http://oslogrisen.no/) this coming Thursday (26th May) from around 19. A Lung LifeAbout-us-Naomi-square

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