Week 4 - New doctor, new flat, a new year ahead

Written by Dyanne Soraas

Week 4 in the war on cancer:
-Sunday: preparation for the week. We summarize the treatment plan for Dyanne in a one page document. See picture.
-Monday: meeting with top dogtor in Norwegian lung cancer community. He agreed to take over treatment responsability for Dyanne. But can’t/won’t help with points 2-4 in treatment plan. First dose of 6Gy x 5 radiation treatment started. We also got results from mutation testing report: we have T790M mutation as well as mutations in PTEN, TP53 and AR genes. And we took over new flat we bought. Almost forgot.
-Tuesday: PD-L1 analysis is in. We have moderate expresssion of PD-L1. Indicates immunotherapy may work.
-Wednesday: second dose of radiation treatment delivered. Researching what to do with mutations.
-Thursday: blood test and can’t remember what else. Alzheimer is bliss.
-Friday: third dose of radiation delivered. 31st birthday of the world’s most wonderful wife. Friday beer: Brooklyn IPA at Grisen with Hans.
Thanks to Arne (frontier doctor), Håvard and father-in-law for artesunate support. And now: let’s sing for the birthday lady at Syng!

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