week 41 - Vaccines ready and learnings from ASCO

Written by Lars Haakon Soraas

week 41 1Week 41 in the war on cancer has been fought on Mallorca where we are spending some time with Dyanne’s parents. Here are the highlights:

-Dyanne has been in very good shape. And the sun has been shining on Mallorca 🙂

-Our personalized peptide vaccine is, finally, ready. Dyanne will get the first injection in Frankfurt on Thursday this coming week. Crossing our fingers.

-If you are fighting cancer, knowledge is a good thing. The biggest cancer meeting in the world (the ASCO annual meeting) is currently ongoing in Chicago. Patients, patient advocates and care-givers can get access to pretty much the whole conference through a “virtual meeting” (http://shop.asco.org/amvc16_2016-annual-meeting-virtual-me…/) that costs $250 if you send an email to and ask for it.

-Someone else is obviously also a bit fed up with the fact that knowledge about how to fix cancer is not disseminated freely to all patients and caregivers. So they set up what seems to be a Napster for scientific articles. I have not tested it a lot yet, but seems quite good: http://sci-hub.cc/.

-If anyone wonders what we have learned out of from ASCO so far, here are a couple of things: (1) It seems local therapy can be good to combine with systemic therapy (http://abstract.asco.org/176/AbstView_176_169928.html); (2) it seems that EGFR positive lung cancer patients derive little benefit from the new immunotherapies such as nivolumab and pembrolizumab when used as monotherapies (http://abstract.asco.org/176/AbstView_176_167384.html); (3) if you have smoked and have lung cancer, then combining nivolumab and low dose ipilimumab seems like a very very good idea (this abstract is only telling part of the exciting story: http://meetinglibrary.asco.org/content/163524-176); and (4) if you have lung cancer and have not smoked, then combining nivolumab and ipilimumab may still be a quite good idea – but the fine print coming with this finding is important to read (same abstract as in (3)).

-We are still looking into Cuban vaccines and after a rather long detour it may seem like Vaxira (racotumomab) could be a good choice. No decision yet, but seems interesting.

-Dyanne’s video to raise awareness of lung cancer (youtube.com/watch?v=Vyy08jP33K8) has reached more than 6000 views! Thanks to everyone who has shared it.

Thanks to Dyanne’s parents for babysitting (while I am reading ASCO research) and thanks to the Spanish people who have invented Mallorca. Pretty nice place.week 41 2

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