Week 46: new vaccine injection

Written by Lars Haakon Soraas

Week 46 in the war on cancer. Here are the highlights.

  • Dyanne went to Frankfurt from Wednesday to Thursday this week to get the second vaccine injection and a small dose of nivolumab. She was travelling alone and it all went well.
  • Dyanne has been in pretty good shape all week. A bit tired, which is as expected, but apart from that, she has been great!
  • We got a reply to the rather long email I sent to the Ministry of Health. The ministry disagrees that there is any problem with the way Norway’s health care system deals with terminally ill cancer patients. You can read their reply, and my thoughts on it, here. Needless to say, I know they are wrong, but I also realize it is probably as difficult to convince them of this as it was to convince Tony Blair it was a bad idea to go to war in Iraq.
  • I have, however, found one representative in parliament, who claims she cares about these issues (and I hope I am not naive who believes her). Her name is Olaug Bollestad and she is on the health committee for KrF (Christian Democrats). If you have previously sent an email to our rather impotent minister of health, Bent Høie, it would be great if you could forward that email also to Ms Bollestad. Her email address is .

This weekend, Gaurav and Payal from London visited us here in Oslo. And, of course, their very cute daughter, Anya who is the same age as Naomi. Anya and Naomi had a lot of fun, and so did we. Friday/Saturday beers were Belgian in spirit.

Gaurav, Payal, Anya, Naomi and Dyanne feeding the ducks

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