Week 48: summer holiday and clinical trial reporting

Written by Lars Haakon Soraas
Dyanne with Naomi in hekkavogn
Week 48 in the war on cancer. We are on holiday in Båstad in Southern Sweden, so only a brief post:
  • Dyanne has generally been in very good shape 🙂
  • Dyanne playing golfOn Wednesday Dyanne travelled from Båstad to Copenhagen airport and then flew to Frankfurt. On Thursday she got a new injection of the personalized peptide vaccine as well as nivolumab. She came back to Båstad on Thursday evening.
  • Reporting (or lack of) from clinical trials is another issue I am getting interested in. When you are fighting a war, intelligence is your best friend. News on trials that have been conducted and details in the published reports provide valuable information that help doctors and patients navigate and make decisions. So the following becomes very frustrating: it seems to be more or less voluntary for trials to actually report their results (poor results? throw them in the bin), there are no (enforced) rules about when results have to be reported, and there are basically very few rules on what reports should contain (cherrypicking the good metrics and ignoring poor ones is possible).The lack of rigorous standards opens up for manipulation in ways that would make Bernie Madoff wonder if he had selected the wrong industry… Welcome to the sad world of clinical trial reporting in 2016.
Naomi and Sienna in the grass
We are enjoying some nice and relaxing days in sunny Båstad in Southern Sweden. Dyanne has even tried a bit of golf (see picture). Will spend the coming week here too and then travel back to Oslo.

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