Week 49: more summer time and interesting op-ed

Written by Lars Haakon Soraas

Week 49 in the war on cancer has passed. We are still on holiday in Båstad, Sweden, so another relatively brief post.

  • Dyanne has been in pretty good shape the whole week. A bit tired on a couple of days, and some itching in her lungs that makes us a bit worried about pneumonitis. It has not gotten worse over the last days, so hopefully it will pass.
  • Torstein Vik, a professor in pediatric medicine in Norway, wrote a very interesting op-ed in Aftenposten (a major newspaper in Norway). When he got prostate cancer himself, he experienced pretty much the same thing that we have: mainstream oncologists in Norway seem to interpret “evidence based medicine” only as results coming out of randomized phase III trials. Any other “evidence” is disregarded. Such a narrow interpretation, he argues, is not only wrong (there is plenty of other evidence out there that ought to be considered), it is bad for patients and can lead to patients not getting the optimal treatment. We could not agree more. For anyone interested, and knowledgeable in Norwegian, here is the article: http://www.aftenposten.no/meninger/kronikk/Som-pasient-med-to-kreftdiagnoser-har-jeg-erfart-baksiden-ved-evidensbasert-medisin-og-pakkeforlop–Torstein-Vik-600875b.html.

We have spent some very nice days in Båstad, and our good friend Azzizza and her son, Ilyas (4 years), came over from Copenhagen and spent a couple of days with us.

Ilyas and Naomi in hekkavogn

We are travelling back to Oslo tomorrow and Dyanne is going to Frankfurt again on Wednesday/Thursday this coming week. Kindergarden is, furthermore, closed this week and I will hence be home-alone-dad and happy to hang out with anyone in Oslo on Wednesday and Thursday.

Naomi and Lars Haakon bathing

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