Week 50: More summer and computer simulation of cancer

Written by Lars Haakon Soraas
Week 50 in the war on cancer. Last week of summer holiday, so a relatively short post this time too. Here are the highlights:  
  • Dyanne has been in quite good shape all week, a bit tired some days, but that is all. The itching she has been feeling in her lungs when breathing heavily (and which made us a bit worried about pneumonitis) has not gotten worse.
  • Dyanne went to Frankfurt again this week for a new vaccine injection. Due to the itching she has been feeling in her lungs, we skipped nivolumab this time (as it potentially could make things worse). In addition to the peptides she has gotten injected until now, she also got injected a new cocktail of 4 additional peptides. These have been produced based on some additional analysis that has been done by a US company. We hope they can help contribute with keeping the cancer in check.
  • We have sent the results of the mutation analysis that previously has been done on Dyanne’s tumor sample to a Canadian company that uses this data to do computer simulation of the cancer. Based on the simulation, they propose some drug combinations that may be effective against the cancer. We just got the results back and the drug combinations they propose are ones we have not previously considered. Don’t know if we will try these yet, but the methodology is definitely interesting. Here is the website of the company for anyone interested: www.rosalindonline.com.
Naomi and Iver eating
We have spent a few days in Moss together with Inga-Marita, Lars Halvor and their two kids (Naomi’s age and a bit younger). We had some very nice days with both sun and rain.
Naomi eating ice cream
Thanks to everyone who has helped us babysit and hung out with us in the summer. Back to more “normal” now and Naomi will start again in kindergarden tomorrow. Hoping everyone has had a nice summer!
Dyanne and Naomi watching TV

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