Week 51: Wedding anniversary, unlucky genes and air pollution

Written by Lars Haakon Soraas

Week 51 in the war on cancer has passed. It has been a relatively quite week. Here are the highlights:

  • Dyanne has been in pretty good shape all week. A little bit of stomach issues, but nothing too bad.
  • Lars has been to Sweden to meet a Swedish philantropist who is supporting cancer research. There are plenty of unfullfilled needs in cancer research, and if you have a million or ten to spare, then Lars has ideas for how to spend them.
  • On Thursday we celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary. We went to The Well (spa) and ate at Jewel of India. A very relaxing and nice day!
  • Two interesting research articles have recently been published. One article from the US has investigated if ambient air pollution (NO2, PM10 and PM2.5) impacts survival of lung cancer patients. They find it does. And it turns out that Oslo has high levels of NO2. Not sure what to do about it. The second article, from Japan, looked at genes that are associated with EGFR mutated lung cancer. In short, 7 genes are identified and people who have unlucky variations of these seem to have an increased chance of getting EGFR mutated lung cancer. No one still knows for sure why never-smokers, especially in Asia, get (EGFR mutated) lung cancer. However, evidence seems to be mounting that both unlucky genes and air pollution play a role.

This coming week, Dyanne has CT and MRI scans and she will again go to Frankfurt to get a new vaccine injection. And tonight Naomi is sleeping over at a friend’s place for the first time. We are crossing our fingers the scans will go well, and that Naomi will sleep well.

Dyanne and Lars at Sognsvann

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