Week 53: New scan results and "to ablate or not to ablate"

Written by Lars Haakon Soraas

Week 53 in the war on cancer has passed. Here are the highlights.

  • On Monday we got results from the latest CT and MR scans. The MR scan showed that all was good in the head. The CT scan showed no new lesions, but it did show that the main tumor in Dyanne’s lungs has increased in size. A couple of lymph nodes also seems to have increased a bit in size. The changes are small, and our oncologist (and other oncologists we have consulted) are clear that the growth may, or may not, be cancer growing. It can, perhaps, also be an immune response triggered by the vaccine, or something completely different. As the changes are so small, and can be due to other reasons than cancer, our oncologist here in Oslo recommends to not do any changes for now and wait until the next scan to evaluate again then. We have, however, also consulted some others and one doctor who has reviewed the latest findings recommends to ablate the main tumor. Not because it is certain that it is cancer growing, but because it is better to be safe than sorry. Or, as another patient we asked put it: “In whack-a-mole, wait and see is not a good strategy.” We have not decided what to do yet, but hope to make a decision soon.
  • We have been interviewed by a Norwegian newspaper about air pollition in Oslo. I have already shared this on facebook, but in case you have not read it, here it is (in Norwegian). We have one policy idea that it would be interesting to hear feedback on. The idea is this: information about air pollution should be mandatory when someone sells a house or appartment. The information should be simplified so that it is easy to understand (perhaps red-yellow-green). Note that the air pollution we are talking about is outdoor, ambient air pollution, i.e. not indoor air. And it should also be noted that the data already exists (at least for Oslo), but it is very inaccessible and very difficult to understand for most people. The purpose of the idea is two-fold: first of all, it gives people making very important decisions better very relevant information, and, secondly, it would create political pressure to further reduce air pollution (property development in polluted areas would likely be less profitable and this would give property developers an incentive to lobby for cleaner air). Any thoughts on this idea would be welcome.
  • Dyanne has had a cold a few days, but is getting better now.

This weekend we had friends visiting from London. Radhika, Nico and their 2 year old Ethan. Hence the delay in this update. We had a very nice weekend with ping pong and hanging out by the lake.

Finally, if anyone is good with WordPress and would help a bit with making some improvements on this blog, please do reach out to me ().

Dyanne, Naomi, Ethan, Radhika and Nico at Sognsvann Lars, Naomi, Ethan and Nico by Sognsvann

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