Week 57: side effects and others in the same boat

Written by Lars Haakon Soraas

Week 57 in the war on cancer has passed. Here is (one day late due to the author feeling a bit ill last night) an update:

  • Dyanne has had some side effects from the ipilimumab injection she got in Frankfurt on 15th September. This was, more or less, as expected and in line with what she experienced the previous times she got this injection. She has been a bit tired, nauseaous on a couple of days, loss of appetite and some rash. She has also had a bit of a cough, but this may be more due to kindergarden viruses or bacteria than the ipilimumab.
  • We have had quite a bit of contact with a couple in Sweden who are in a similar situation as us: three kids, mother (ethnic Asian) in her mid 40s diagnosed with EGFR positive lung cancer last year. We are in the same boat and rapidly exchanging lots of ideas and information.
  • This weekend we also read about another young, never-smoker, lung cancer case. She lives in Ålesund in Norway, three kids, and diagnosed only two weeks ago. You can read more about her here (and yes, we are already exchanging ideas and knowledge with her as well).

One piece of good news came out today: Pembrolizumab (aka Keytruda) was finally approved for use in Norwegian hospitals today. Only for patients with PD-L1 expression above a certain threshold, but nevertheless it is good news. Some may wonder if Dyanne will be offered this drug, and we wonder about this too. But chances are that she is below the PD-L1 threshold that has been set, and then they will probably refuse. Time will show.

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