Week 63: Good scan results!

Written by Lars Haakon Soraas

Week 63 in the war on cancer has passed. We got some good news, but before we get to that:

A young woman living in Ålesund, Norway, was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer a few weeks ago. She has three kids and, like Dyanne, is a never-smoker. They are not as financially privileged as we are and the treatment and testing she needs to have a decent shot at surviving this terrible disease are not offered by the health care system here in Norway. And, unfortunately, this treatment does not come for free. Some friends of hers have started a fund raising campaign. If you have lungs, and a bit of money, please donate a small sum to Kathrin so that she, hopefully, can have many more years with her husband and children. The account number is 1210.04.83414 and you can also pay using Vipps: 47896693 (mark payment with “Kathrin”).

You can read more about Kathrin’s fight on the Facebook page that has been created by her friends (in Norwegian):

Help us to help Kathrin (Help us to help Kathrin)

Then to the news from our side this week:

  • On Monday we got the results of the MR and CT scans that were done last week. The results are good! All seems stable, no new lesions and no growth that is suspected to be cancer. Dyanne was, unfortunately, a bit ill (see below) on Monday, but I felt like celebrating and had a glass or two of sparkling wine 🙂
  • Apart from the good CT and MR scan results, Dyanne has actually not been in so good shape this week. We suspect is is a normal viral infection (maybe the “fifth children’s disease” – as we call it here in Norway), or something similar. Anyway, she was vomitting, feeling very tired, having a headache and bedridden for a few days. She is in much better shape now, but still a bit tired the last couple of days.
  • The rash she has on her legs and arms may be improving a bit. We have a plan to see a skin doctor tomorrow to discuss further.
  • We also learned this week that the preliminary results that we got from the team in Germany regarding the vaccine were indeed correct. In other words: they have now confirmed that an immune response has bee generated towards one of the peptides included in the vaccine. As previously mentioned, we cannot be certain if this translate to immune cells killing cancer cells, but it certainly increases the probability of this happening.

We should also note that we cannot know what is the reason for the good scan results. Is it the targeted therapy that Dyanne is getting, the vaccine, the immunotherapy combination, or something else? Or maybe a combination? The fact is that we don’t know and we will probably never know. However, as long as it works, we don’t really care, we are happy 🙂

November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month. More people die from lung cancer than any other cancer. And more research is desperately needed. Despite being the biggest cancer killer, lung cancer research and treatment is severely underfunded. In large part due to the stigma that the disease is associated with. Another reason is that lung cancer victims are very poor lobbyists. Dead people don’t make good lobbyists, unfortunately.

If you feel charitable, please consider a donation to Kathrin (as mentioned above). It would be great to work with Kathrin in the coming years to improve treatment and research on lung cancer. But for Kathrin to be able to join us in these efforts, she first needs to get her disease under control. Please donate and help her try to achieve that.

Snow has come to Oslo. We were out today with Naomi and Dyanne made a snow angel. My Dyanne. My snow angel.


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