Week 69: some side effects and a new batch of peptides ordered

Written by Lars Haakon Soraas

Here is an update after week 69 in the war on cancer:

  • The iron deficiency issue seems to be improving. Dyanne is taking iron tablets and the last blood test showed that hemoglobin was up.
  • The iron tablets and/or ipilimumab and/or nivolumab has given some quite annoying stomach issues. We hope they soon will go away.
  • Tonight Dyanne is feeling what is probably a side effect of ipilimumab: very tired.

We have ordered a new set of personalized peptides. This is the third batch of peptides and these peptides will hence make the third vaccine cocktail. The new peptides are, like the old ones, based on tumor specific mutations found through exome sequencing of both tumor and normal tissue. The difference between the new batch and the previous two batches is that the new one contain both more and longer peptides. We, as mentioned in the previous blog post, hope that the “old” peptides are working wonders, but we are not taking any chances.  There is some reason to believe that longer peptides might work even better. And there is some reason to believe that more peptides are better than fewer peptides. The new vaccine cocktail should be ready some time in January and until then we will continue vaccinations with the two old batches.

For anyone interested in more details on the type of vaccine Dyanne is getting, this recent blog article at Scientific American gives a pretty good summary in not too complex vocabulary: https://blogs.scientificamerican.com/guest-blog/the-next-revolution-in-cancer-medicine/.

I paste in a picture of the amino acid sequences for the peptides that will make up the new vaccine cocktail. You don’t have to think it is beautiful. But I do. Crossing my fingers it is also effective.


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