week 7 - Cancer consultation with Dr Rosell and nivolumab infusions in Barcelona

Written by Dyanne Soraas

week  7

Week seven in the war against cancer. Below are some highlights and pictures.
Easiest solution to issue of low blood concentration of erlotinib seems to be to take the pills with food, rather than on an empty stomach (which is what the label says you should do). Will probably try this and hope additional side effects are limited.
We have found a place in Germany that (more or less) can measure the receptors we want to on the tumor cells. Happily Dyanne’s tumor cells are already camping at another lab in Germany, so journey will be short.
We went to Barcelona for nivolumab and a consultation with Dr Rafael Rosell, one of the top lung cancer doctors in the world. Below is a picture of the blackboard at the end of the consultation with Dr Rosell. The drawings show the lung cancer problem, and, we hope, the solution smile emoticon

week  7 1
Thanks to Hans for being our excellent academic article supply chain manager, grandparents for babysitting and last, but not the least, a warm thank you to the great Niki and the rest of the team Instituto Oncologico Dr Rosell for helping so tremendously with saving Dyanne’s life.
Recommendations for what Friday beer to choose at Grisen pub shortly are much appreciated.


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