Week 8 - Scan week

Written by Dyanne Soraas

Week eight in the war on cancer has passed. Relatively calm week, which is good. Below some highlights.
-CT scan on Tuesday and MR scan on Thursday. We will learn results on Monday next week. Needless to say, we are crossing our fingers, toes, hair, legs and arms…
-Dyanne has less side effects from ipilimumab. Still some fatigue, but taking into account the medicines she is on, I think it is safe to say she tolerates and handles it very well. Blood values (lymphocytes in particular) have also improved.
-We are working with some researchers to try to put together a cocktail of re-purposed drugs that, hopefully, in sum will have effect against EGFR mutated lung cancer. A meeting will take place in Barcelona in early November on this. Hoping this project will progress fast and well.
-Am toying with the idea of trying to get implemented in Norway a “right to try” law similar to what has been enacted in 24 US states over the last year or so. The law would give terminally ill patients a right to try drugs not yet on the market. More details here: http://righttotry.org/.
Beautiful sunny Autumn day in Oslo today, will go out for a walk as soon as Naomi wakes up smile emoticon
And Friday beer was Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA and Trappistes Rochefort 10.

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