Week 81 & 82: scan results

Written by Lars Haakon Soraas

Week 81 and 82 in the war on cancer has passed. Here are the highlights:

  • We learned the results from the MR and CT scans which were taken in early March. They basically show that everthing is stable. There are no new metastasis and the ones which can be seen on the scans are stable.
  • One somewhat concerning finding was that the metastasis in the brain which was radiated in February last year, is lighting up on the MR scan. The area which is lighting up is, furthermore, larger than the area which lighted up on the January scan. However, the radiologists believe this is “just” an after effect of the radiation and not cancer. Depending on how this are develops, some intervention may be necessary to “cool” down this area. However, we hope no intervention will be needed.
  • We have run the scan results by a couple of other doctors and they are in agreement with the doctors here in Norway.
  • Dyanne has been a bit fatigued the last couple of weeks. Quite a bit more tired than normal. We will try to come to the bottom of it and hope it goes over soon.

Overall, we are happy with the results. The most important is that there is no cancer growing. The “thing” in the brain will hopefully resolve itself without any intervention, and even if intervention will be needed, it will hopefully be a minor one.

We have been a few days in the mountains to chill out and get a bit of snow. Attached are a couple of pictures from the weekend.

Winter wonderland, Eggedal, Norway

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